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Summary Comparison Table

This table shows the summary of our thorough reviews and show the programs that we recommend in an easy-to-read format.

Program Our Rating Options Pros Cons
Rocket Spanish

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5 stars  Downloadable
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or Physical 20 CDs

Great value, Audio recordings, software and written material.

Money-back warranty offered

None that we have noticed 
Pimsleur Spanish

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5 stars Pimsleur offers a wide selection of bundles with Physical CDs 
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(The rest of the levels are offered with discounted prices after having purchased the first 4 CDs)

Natural learning, good speaker's accent. Time-proved method that really works. Trully a Language-learning classic.

Also offers warranty

Some subtle pronunciation differences are not easy to catch without a high-fidelity audio equipment. 
(ex. "m" vs "n") 
Synergy Spanish

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4 stars Downloadable
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 Physical 14 CDs

Clever method that uses only 138 words to build and understand real-world phrases. Low priced.

60-day money-back warranty

Only the "beginner" level is comprehended in the package. 
Learn Spanish Like Crazy

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4 stars  Downloadable version
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 Physical 50 CDs

Great value, 50CDs or their downloadable equivalent. You may try it before you buy (first 2 lessons free)

The 50 CDs Include 15 CDs of the Foreign Service Institute's Programmatic Spanish Level 1, and 6 bonuses more.

Money back warranty offered (8 weeks).

Only-Audio format. (Same pronunciation issues than Pimsleur method).
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